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Our Story

Kettle Corn Family

Spencer, Karly, Madison, Haley, Holly

Hello, we are Cowgirl Kettle Corn... as you can see I was out voted on calling it Cowboy Kettle Corn. Each one of us are Native to Colorado. Holly and I are both Cheyenne Mnt. graduates . We have been looking for something we can all do together, and who doesn't LOVE Kettle Corn?  So here we are, founded March 2016, and lining up local events. We will be in Bancroft Park OCC starting in June and will be there every Saturday through the end of October. We are very excited to be able to serve our local community. Come on down and see us.


We have expanded!  Fast forward to June 2018, and here we are in a Cowgirl Kettle Corn Trailer...can you believe it?  With this trailer came Hand Shaken Lemonade and it is Delicious!!  Now we can be found at many more events around the area, check out our schedule, and we will be at all of the Air Force Academy events, including Air Force Football!  We will be located on the North side of the stands, be sure and come see us!!